Grindr Lulz

Aug 18

Two guys on grindr, both less than 60 feet away, were just hitting me up. Turns out they were blowing each other in a car on my street and wanted me to join them. Instead of saying “no”, I just let them know Neighborhood Watch has already been notified and that the police department in this area is pretty quick to respond. I’ve never been blocked so quickly in my life.





Aug 17

Offtopic: Grindr allows anyone locating their users, check this video: Details:

Well this is a little scary.

Offtopic: Grindr allows anyone locating their users, check this video:

Technical Details:

Well this is a little scary.


Aug 16

aqueality said: Seriously, your caliber of drag is fucking awesome given your relative newness to it. I'm in fucking disbelief.

Thank you so much! Though I do see myself as being a little more put together than a lot of queens my age, I know I have a long way to go before I would even think about calling myself polished. 

Here’s to all my followers who were up late last night disappointing Jesus.

Aug 14

Anonymous said: Thats definitely news to me! Tell us about it! If its your third show are you pretty new to drag? How's the community? Thoughts on ru paul and ru Paul's drag race (I gotta ask)?

I am fairly new to being in drag and performing. I practiced painting my face a couple of times before my first show and tried on my hip pads and outfits to see how they looked, but I didn’t get into full face and dress until the night of my first show (I’m a terrible procrastinator). There’s been a huge improvement in my confidence and skills from the first show to the third show.
The community here has been very welcoming and friendly so far. I live in San Jose, which is about 40 minutes south of San Francisco. All the queens that I have met from both areas have been very friendly both on stage and back stage. It makes me excited to go out and perform with new people because everyone is friends.
RuPaul is a beautiful queen who will always be one of my idols. And I love RuPaul’s Drag Race. The queens on the show are so talented in one way or another (give or take a couple each season). But they definitely inspire me to try newer and bigger things and to step away from just one style in my personal drag (I love to be weird and theatrical, but I also want to look fishy and be glamorous from time to time). 

Anonymous said: How does one get into drag?

Well, I’ve been going to local drag shows for the last couple years in my city and made friends with some of the queens. I got into RuPaul’s Drag Race back in early 2013 (I was a late bloomer), and with my theatre and makeup background, thought it would really be fun. Fast forward to May of this year, I asked one of the queens who hosted shows if I could premier at her show in June. She said that I definitely could and then the race was on for me to find some dresses, shoes, wigs, lashes, etc. From there, I just networked with other local queens and got to perform in another show in the same city. 
I was asked to perform in another show this month, but I’m in the middle of moving into my new place and getting finances figured out, so I had to pass. When I get a little more experienced, I plan to travel to San Francisco from time to time to perform there with some friends.

doridoxidae said: I am not a cum drop

Then you’re not truly living.

dilfcomplex replied to your post:Omg youre a drag queen?
i just choked

You need more practice.

Anonymous said: Omg youre a drag queen?

Yup! The name is Jackie Layshun and y’all are my little cum drops.



Aug 13

Don’t let boys fool you. They are devils who walk among us.