Give me some good movies?

I’ve been having “gay movie night” with a friend for a couple weeks now and we’re looking for more movies that are enjoyable and fit the LGBT genre. Give us your best.

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    "Teeth." I had a viewing of this, and It made a lot of things clear for me.
  2. hungguy4hungguys answered: The Sex Of The Angels is pretty good. Plus it’s not depressing. :)
  3. nakedguysarefun answered: Broken Hearts Club!
  4. malkiez answered: CRAZY is one of the best GLBT films I’ve ever seen.
  5. mdzulkar9 answered: love of siam!
  6. lanadelcurious answered: Shelter, When I’m 64, Abrupt Decision, Object of My Affection
  7. rangorama answered: Girls will be girls.
  8. imaginarylion answered: Trick, Hedwig, 20 Centimeters, Burnt Money, Bad Education, Shortbus, Hush!, The Weekend
  9. disocult answered: Burnt Money
  10. sunnycityshadypeople answered: Shelter, Summer Storm, Shortbus
  11. chiamanova answered: do not watch weekend o m g. if the world were mine is good
  12. cadaverique answered: Hedwig and the Angry Inch & Shortbus.
  13. boyinberlin answered: Romeos (2011), a German film is great trans*/gay. As is Fit (2010), a UK anti-homophobia film
  14. misolaneous answered: Shortbus?
  15. yepstillgay answered: You’ve probably seen it already, but Shelter is great.
  16. iusedtobegodsfavorite answered: either shelter or eCupid both are my favorites
  17. cokeainehart said: oh prayers for bobby is a GREAT one
  18. cokeainehart answered: the weekend, going down in la la land, ticked off trannies with knifes, the adonis factor, all the eating out movies
  19. offtherecord365 answered: Ticked off trannies with knives - its ok - just drink with it
  20. koalainchicago answered: Weekend
  21. tothedarktower answered: My favourite was Otto or Up With Dead People but might be too off the wall haha
  22. queenbeereginageorge answered: eCupid & Going Down in La La Land.
  23. 5wine said: ohhh and christopher and his kind
  24. 5wine answered: um latter days. or shelter
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